Giving You What You Want & Keeping You Satisfied

We strive to keep all clients satisfied and updated throughout the entire process of buying. You will be asked a few questions to just to establish the details and your specifications of what you are looking for in a property.
Our Dealmakers will schedule an appointment with you according to your availability and flexibility to show you a variety of properties with your specified details.

Offer To Purchase

If you identify a property and want to buy, our Dealmakers will prepare a tailored Offer to Purchase with proposed terms for acceptance by Seller.

Finance Application / Home Loan Application

We assist our clients to assemble all required documents in order to apply for a bank loan, and through our Bond Originators we will assist you to obtain the finance to buy your property from major banks. The Bond originators will also ensure that they negotiate the unsurpassed interest rates on your behalf.
Clients are also spoiled to the latitude of securing bonds on their own.

Transaction Monitoring

We will monitor your bond / finance application all step of the way to ensure that your transaction is not affected or stuck in anyway, and also negotiate any glitch should there be; thus ensuring that all the paperwork is in order to close the deal with the bank.

Finance Pre-Approvals

Sometimes it can be devastating to identify a property, and later to encounter that financial institutions cannot grant you the loan or the loan amount you require. The time invested in finding the property and all the hassles you go through in the process can cause so much of emotional trauma. Thus we advise that if you are not sure of your credibility and affordability with banks, you should consider a pre-approval. In this way you sign an Offer To purchase with all the confidence. A pre-approval also gives you an upper hand to negotiate your deal because you will stick to your budget, negotiate with honesty proving by way of the bank approval that what you offer is what you can afford.
So our Dealmakers will assist you in compiling information for your financiers to pre-qualify you for the finance.

Cash Transactions

In a case you want to pay cash for your property, our reputable attorneys will delightedly keep your funds in trust until the property is registered in your name. You also have the right to use or choose your own attorney for payment of the such funds.

Final Stage

If you so wish, your Dealmaker will take you for another tour of the property to ensure that if there are any issues, they are resolved before handover of the property. Your Dealmaker will also be present on the final signing and handover.