Pledge to Sellers & Disclosure

Selling your property can be very frustrating at times, especially if not knowledgeable about the processes involved. So, our Dealmakers will consult with you to first discuss with you details of your property. They will guide you through all the processes including making a decision in terms of the sale of your property. All information including the sales process, signing of Offer To Purchase / Deed of Sale, transaction conclusion and agents commission will be disclosed and explained to you from the beginning. Thus, you will be informed throughout and receive all the support all the way until the final process.

Setting the Selling Price

We will thoroughly investigate the market trend to assist us in determining a pricing strategy. If need be, services of our experienced and reputable Property Valuators will be procured in order to determine the most suitable selling price for your property. All is just to ensure that you don’t under-price your property or even wasting your time by overpricing it.

Marketing Your Property

Once you give us the mandate to sell your property, on your terms, our Dealmakers will use all the existing platforms to bring your property to the attention of potential buyers. With this strategy your property will be advertised through many mediums and will also receive the attention of many other Estate Agents. Our Dealmakers will take pictures and videos of your property for the listing and advertising.

These marketing platforms include, but not limited to:

  • On-Site Signages – it is a common practice that potential buyers most of the time will visit or drive around the neighbourhood. So, with signs of “For sale”, they will call on an impulse to view the property.
  • Open Show – suitable dates will be arranged with you to have open days for potential buyers to come and view.
  • Internet listing – Majority of people, especially potential buyers use the Internet to search for properties. Thus, your property will also be listed on many other property websites with pictures and an option of videos to showcase its details.
State of The Property

If need be, we will suggest or advise that your fix or make improvements on your property, and that will be founded on remarks or recommendations by our Dealmakers and also clients.

Offer To Purchase/Negotiations

Our Dealmaker will conduct a background check of any potential buyer before presenting an Offer To Purchase for their signature and further explicate contents of the offer made by the potential buyer to you to ensure that you are comfortable with conditions therein. When you are satisfied with the terms of the offer, you then sign the Offer To Purchase for processing and finance application by the buyer. 

Sealing The Deal and Commission Payments

From acceptance of the Offer To Purchase, our Dealmakers will insure that all documents necessary for finance application by the buyer are in place and submitted to our Bond Originators for processing by the banks. Our Dealmakers will also monitor the transaction from start to finish until date of registration and handover. Our obligation to you is to also liaise with registration attorneys to ensure smooth running and proper closure of the transaction. Our obligation is again to ensure that all deposits are paid into the nominated attorney’s trust account, and if it’s a total cash transaction we will work closely with the buyer to ensure that the purchase amount is paid within the agreed period of time.

Once every aspect of the sale transaction is satisfied, all agents’ commissions agreed upon will be released to us.